How much water does it take to activate fertilizer?

rmtxApril 27, 2008

I fertilized my yard yesterday with organic fertilizer. The instructions say "water thoroughly" after application.

I relied on the forecast of heavy rain to water in the fertilizer. Well, the forecast didn't live up to the rainfall amount, we only got 1/8".

How much rainfall does it really take to activate fertilizer? Is 1/8" enough? Should I get out the sprinkler and water the yard?


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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

The good thing about organic fertilizers is it won't burn the yard. You can just wait on mother nature.

However, if you want to get it going asap, I would think 1/8 inch is a little shy for most. They will vary on kind. Cracked corn for instance v. soy powder. And how they are milled, etc.

Personally, I'd water about a half inch about every third day for three waterings.

Of course, as you probably know, it will take a couple of weeks under the best circumstances for organic fertilizer to break down enough to start feeding the plants.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

I don't know about needing half inch every other day but all you need to get them wet to get it started. One inch of watering should be sufficient and wait till you really need it. Watering that often will make more weed seeds germinate.

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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

I don't think my yard could handle an inch of water right now. It's so saturated already. If rain is expected in the next 3-5 days in your area, I'd just wait on MN.

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we've had no rain to speak of in my area of cypress, i've been watering for two months everything is going around us!

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)


Shh!! MN might be listening! We do not want a repeat of 2005-2006 drought! :-)

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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

Lou (whispering)oh, I didn't think about that. She's been awfully good to us so far this spring with this cool weather and rain (storms!?). Maybe she's happy that alot of us went to low water landscapes, and won't punish us this year.

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