Viola X cooperrideri

membertom(zone 6)April 8, 2008

Here's another violet just starting bloom here.

[Viola X cooperrideri is a cross between Viola striata and Viola wateri]

Image link:

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Tom, I think this one is my favorite, I know,I know, there are tons of purples, but I love the whiskers...
Have you ever ordered any seed from B and T seeds? I was thinking about ordering from them this fall, some odoratas. When I got seed this year I didn't know very much, and they all ended up being the pansy type! I haven't ordered from Canyon Creek yet. I emailed to find out if S&H had changed and haven't heard anything back. -B

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membertom(zone 6)

Thanks Brandy, X cooperrideri is one of my current favorites too. Have you seen Viola striata itself? It has pretty nice lines on it too, hence the Latin name "striata". Somewhere I have pictures, but Google should find plenty of other better pictures for you anyway.
It's probably very busy at Canyon Creek Nursery right now, so don't get discouraged. They're really nice people and have a great selection of violets.

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etii(France 8)

Hi there !!

So many gorgeous pics Tom :-))))) Thx
Here's my viola striata first flower:

All the best - Thierry :-)

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Now where can I get my hands on one of THOSE!?!?-B

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