Temperature regulation

compostheadDecember 9, 2009

I have outside bins 3'x3' and 2'tall

It is in the shade but I'm in Sacramento CA where summer temps can get into the 100's. I have not gone through a summer yet with my worms and was hoping for some hints on how to keep it cool. It will be shaded and some insulation by leaves. Has anyone use large water bottles to act like a "heat sink". Or should I not harvest and keep the volume large during the heat?



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Just a point of reference:
The larger the volume- the more area the worms can move to, to escape heat or cold. The Volume of material acts as insulation from winters chill and summers blaze.
So, I leave all the VC in the totes, the barrel, and the box and I will harvest all of this material in March (just in time for spring plantings).
That's how I do it in NC.
Have fun with them worms.

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