Can I feed worms bacon grease?

centaurfeedDecember 31, 2009

Can I bury bacon grease in the ground and will the earth worms feed on it? Is it also possible to use it as food for worms in bin to for those people who vemicompost?

I plan to bury 2 Tablespoons of grease every foot apart in a row.

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I understand that grease is compostable under the right circumstances, but it is not a good idea to feed it to your worms.

Bacon grease in particular will have chemicals in it that discourage decomposition.

As with anything else, you could try a small amount in one corner of the bin and see what happens.

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Bacon is salty, is it not? And sbryce is right about ""chemicals in it that discourage decomposition"".
So grease and salt, I did add bacon fatt that I cut off to my compost heap but I would not put that in my worm bin.
I paid big bucks for the worms.

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Katxena(z7 MD)

I would not add bacon grease to any enclosed bin that's not in contact with the earth -- indoors or out. I have buried it out in my garden and didn't notice any problems. If you try that, make sure to bury it deeply so that it doesn't attract scavengers.

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bury it in the ground and it should be fine. if not worms, other bacteria and microbes will break it down eventually. depending on the critters in your area you may have them digging it up though. if you're in bear country, bury far from your house or neighbor's unless you don't like him.

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centaurfeed are putting the liquid grease or grease that has hardened?

So rom.calgary.ab it is possible to bury grease and let it decompose, or are you saying dogs or other animals will dig up the grease and eat it?

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Maybe BSLF which are way better at dealing with such things than reg wigglers would do way better at dealing with the bacon grease.

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Leave it out for the maggots to eat.

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Maybe in the future instead of us having to buy or make a compost bin, a tumbler bin, a worm farm, a biopod (for BSFL) it will all come in a matched harvest gold or avacado green kit. If we are interested in not wasting resourses of kitchen waste it leads to an interest in leaves, grass, cardboard, and even grease. In the olden days grease was valuable for making soap and some people still do. I can see not wanting even grease to go to waste. In the olden days I knew someone who kept the grease in a covered can and added a spoonful of it to their dogs dry food bowl to encourage a shinny coat.

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Worms breath through their skins. Oils interfere with the worms ability to breath. So i never add it to a worm bin.

I save grease up in my freezer and make suit blocks for feeding the birds in the winter months. Birds LOVE bacon grease. Chicken grease and flour mixed into suit blocks makes soft suit for harsh sub zero weather. And i figure all that bird poop has got to be good for the garden too.

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