Violet ID Unknown - HELP

johnsam(z7/8 NC mtns)April 7, 2004

This si the first time I have seen a speckled violet! It grows wild here in Lake Lure, NC.

Does anyone know if this is identified anywhere? What is it?


Sam []

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johnsam(z7/8 NC mtns)

I guess this sire won't show images so go to the listed site above.

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johnsam(z7/8 NC mtns)

This is the pic site.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Shadyflwrs(short season 7)

The leaves look too thick and the flowers are not spotted enough to be 'Freckles'. I have a collection of violets and if you want to put a trade together I can probably ID it for you as I am a plant taxonomist.

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

Viola sororia 'Freckles' does vary in its freckliness and hence overall blue/white bias. There's a 'Speckles' too. Your plant is in this spectrum. Unless you know a parentage (preferably vegetative) back to one or other, you can't categorically say it is either. Personally, I'd call it 'Freckles', but with awareness of being a little slack in my use of terminology.
(The leaves look OK to me, BTW.)

In passing, V. sororia cultivars are getting going rather nicely now in my (cold) greenhouse in the south of the UK. Confederate violet (f. priceana) is ahead of 'Freckles', and the red form is on longer flower stems than others, I know not why. No sign of 'Alice Witter' blooms yet; hmmm.

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