Mimosa Summer Chocolate in Houston TX z9a

bossyvossyApril 2, 2013

A few years have gone by since this cultivar was first introduced. Now that the furor has calmed, I'm wondering if you still love your plant (or not)

I have been horrified and overwhelmed by the enthusiastic growth of ruellia, 4 o'clock and castor bean, I dont need a mimosa that will remind me of those previous nightmares. Now that u have a few years' experience w/ your m. Summer Chocolate, can u tell me if Summer Chocolate will be a nightmare?

Tks for your comments

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mine is still in a pot, I just bought it on sae at the end of last year. Time will tell. Luckily I knew castor bean was a tree in our climate.

I rue the day I planted ruellia.
Tally Ho!

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Our neighbor was given a ruellia a decade ago by a well-meaning friend. It has long since abandoned her crew-maintained premises for my side beds, the lawn, the scrubby area beside the garage where nothing grows, the rock-covered deep shade behind the fence...

I don't understand how stores can keep selling it, not just because it's invasive, but because it can't be profitable. Sell one plant and everyone on the block has one.

The only nice thing about it is that it is easy to spot and pulls out without too much fuss if you can get a good grip.

Don't know anything about Mimosa Chocolate. The dozens of seedlings I yank out of every cultivated space around my house every year are just green.

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Lynn Marie

I wanted one when they came out too but they were too high. Anxious to see the answers you get here.

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