Viola odorata hybrids

membertom(zone 6)April 5, 2006

Here are some odorata hybrids... Sulphurea X 'Clive Groves' F1 and F2. The white F2 is blooming now at the new house, unfortunately the orange-centered F2 doesn't look so good.

I'll see if I can get some more pictures of the F1 and some other F2, that are blooming right now at my parents home.

This is the first time that there are so many flowers, that I can smell them while standing up. So cool!

Viola odorata hybrids

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joanmary_z10(z10 Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Ohh, send a waft in my direction please! I love violets.
Yours all look healthy and very happy! A Northern Spring is a joy to behold isn't it!

I found some 'native Florida' fragrant violets in a nursery today. Took all of them home with me to join the others I have had for about a year - all in full, blazing sun!

But I do miss the fragrant Odorata's I had up north. I have Marie Louise, Odorata Rosea and 'Konigin Charlotte', all from Logees Greenhouse. I'm praying they all survive and thrive!

Enjoy your Beautiful Springtime!

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membertom(zone 6)

Hello Joanmary,
The other day I smelled the violets when I turned the corner around the house. That was from 15-20 feet away (~ 5-7 meters for the international crowd ;o). I wish I could send a waft all the way to Florida for you.

And thanks for your compliment -> "all look healthy and very happy"

Actually, it's been a long time getting to this point. After several years of failed plantings of odoratas, 'Sulphurea' was the only odorata type that seemed to thrive for me. And it's not very fragrant. So I decided to hybridize 'Sulphurea' with a classic, fragrant, purple odorata, and now... that original first-generation, fragrant, purple hybrid is where all my other odoratas have come from. These have varying degrees of "survivability", but generally, most of them are doing well.
I'll be crossing my fingers that your three from Logees do well, but if they don't, let me know and maybe I can send you some others to try down in the heat.
By the way, do you know what your native Florida fragrant violets are? I can't figure out what species they'd be.
Good luck with your violets, Tom

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Wonderfull competitors for Portugal! ;-))

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joanmary_z10(z10 Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

membertom, Thank you so much for offering to let me have some violets should these from Logees not survive. I'm going to baby these like mad and make sure they survive!...I hope!

I hope your hybridizing will produce the lovely fragrance of the Odoratas! Did you read the post about a month ago about our ability to 'process' the 'fragrance' of violets? (How we are able to 'smell' them but just in small 'wafts' at a time)!

I have no idea what variety the violets I have are. I was told by a Florida native that the violets he gave me had been on his families property for 40+ years and the ones I bought the other day had no name on them. The seller said they were 'florida violets' and thats all the info I have about them. I'm still amazed that they are blooming and seeding like made - all in full, hot sun! Here is recent a photo of a bloom:

Florida Native Violet in Ft. Lauderdale:

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