spotted violet

sashprd(z6CT)April 25, 2005

I have some "spotted" violets in my side yard which are nowhere near the white, blue or yellow ones in my backyard. I would like to know if there is a species of violet like this or perhaps it did manage to cross-breed. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a picture at this address:

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etii(France 8)

Hello !

Easy man :-)) Too much maybe ;-)
Your viola on the picture is named sororia freckles. It's lovely, isn't it ?
You can make more photos :-) What about the yellow ones ?!

Take care :-)

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Thank you Thierry. Nice to finally have a name for the violet. It is a lovely plant and so prolific in reseeding itself.
If you would like to see the yellow ones I took a picture and this is the URL:

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etii(France 8)

Hi !
Yeh freckles is cute, maybe a little bit too prolific: I tear off many seedlings not to be invaded and each time it breaks my heart ;-)

WoOoOoOoOoOow !! Your yellow one is totaly gorgeous :-)) GOD !!! I'm trying to have one with seeds I bought (viola Lobata, viola Sheltonii and viola Douglasii) hope I'll be lucky and finally will get at least one but yellow violets seem more difficult, donno why !
Tell me more about the behaviour of your unknown yellow viola (is someone can give a name ?): it is easy ? Does it make lot of seeds ? Does it make runners (stolons) ?

Glad to speak with you :-)
Take care.

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Hello Thierry: My yellow violets are not as prolific as the purple and white one but they are slowly spreading all over my backyard. They make a lot of seeds; no runners. I have been slowly transplanting them and or seeding them around my yard but don't do anything to them in particular except putting slow release fertilizer out there for all the plants in the spring. Perhaps I could send you some of the seeds? I'm not sure what the restrictions are on sending seeds to other countries but we could give it a try if you would like. I don't know what the name is but will start researching it to find out.
You are an American living in France? Your English has the American idioms...

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Here is a link to the yellow viola:

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etii(France 8)

G'day Sandy :-)

You found the name ! BINGO ! U're the best.
I'm definitively French: just spent quite a long time with Murcan people and got some really bad habit but good time not speakin' British English ;-) So far away sometimes...
Well, what about an exchange ? Tell me witch oneS would please you: viola Sulphurea, viola Jooi, viola pumila,viola Odorata, viola Pedatifida Alba (that one may want to go back to the country ;-), viola "coeur d'Alasace"...I've got different sororia too: maybe better for your hardiness zone: rubra, alba, Gabriela and Alice winter. Except rubra, I don't have the sororia's seeds yet,right now still have flowers.
U can use my mail:

It's up to U :-)
Take care.

PS: restriction on sending seeds: what are U talkin' 'bout ? ;-) LOL. Can U imagine violas invading the whole world thanks to seeds !!! Sounds great, doesn't it ? :-))) Anyway, restriction must be on plant 'cause of sanitary problems -mainly 'cause of insects I guess...I'm not sure about seeds but don't care much :-pp

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