what I think I learned about Lantana cuttings

daninthedirt(Cent TX; HZ10, Sunset z30, USDA z8a)April 7, 2014

I have a nice Lantana that I'd like to propagate. I heard that was drop-dead easy to make cuttings and get them to root. Did that last spring on new growth, with great success. Then during the summer, it didn't work. Did it this spring on new growth with great success.

I think it means that the stems that root well are the young and new ones. A stem that has been sitting out for months is not very rootable. The lesson is to root Lantana cuttings in the spring, when the new growth is bursting out.

But maybe it just doesn't like to root when it's hot?

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almost every plant that will root from cuttings is easier to root from new growth. I haven't tried lantana but I will now. all my lantanas come out very late in Spring though, like in May. Are yours already growing?

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I've been successful rooting lantana cuttings in the fall. Early fall, I had to cut them back the end of Aug into early Sept when they way overgrew their area. They rooted very quickly.

I don't think mine aren't awake yet.

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daninthedirt(Cent TX; HZ10, Sunset z30, USDA z8a)

Our three Lantana clumps were bunches of dried sticks in the ground three weeks ago. No green at all. They are now lush with green, with hundreds of stems 4-5 inches long. Growing like crazy.

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