violets not blooming only producing seedheads

lisannpetriniApril 6, 2006


i ordered what i thought were fuji viola from j.l. hudson seeds but since the leaves are not varigated i think he sent the wrong package. in any case, the plants are healthy and a good size but instead of producing blooms ( which would be a great help in identifying the plant) it is only producing seed heads. any suggestions on how to get it to bloom? they were under lights until this afternoon (about 16 hours per day) but i just moved them to a sunny porch to harden them off...i am thinking they may have been getting too much light, or not enough....

any thoughts on the subject would be helpful.

many thanks.


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etii(France 8)

Hi !

You're right, you've got the clue: if there's not enought light, violet might don't make any blooms. Not a sunny place during summer is a good thing but in spring, sun is really welcome :-)
Hope it's not too late for your violet to show you how beautiful it can be :-)

All the best :-)

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thanks thierry for the tip...i will amp up their dose of light for a few weeks and see what happens...just received irish molly, de parme, rosina and gov. herrick today and will try propagating them via cuttings...i appreciate your response.


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