Something a little gross

prussell(z8 WA)April 6, 2004

I tried taking a photo of this, but could never get it to work. I have a violet that did something really creepy over winter. It died back down to the ground, but left this solid, brain-like mass of hard stuff at its exposed crown. I mulched the bed heavily, and nothing else had an exposed crown, so this plant really just seemed like it wanted this...thing esposed. It was actually a bit disgusting. But it leafed out a couple of weeks ago, and now has fairly normal looking purple violet flowers. I can try to take some pics of the growth, but can anyone identify that weird life form left over the winter?

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Vicki_J(z6a NJ)

what type of mulch did you use? I have seen a "growth" as you describe, growing in old wood chips. I have always assumed it was a fungus of some sort. Perhaps this growth was a result of your mulch and the violet is trying valiantly to grow up through it??
just a guess.

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prussell(z8 WA)

It wasn't a mold thing. I used standard shredded hardwood mulch. This thing was the crown of the violet.

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Janine Starykowicz

I saw this too! Mine are common violets, I scavenged two large clumps last year and have them at the corners. When I started cleaning up last month or so, I found these hard clumps where the violets had been. They aren't blooming yet, just putting up leaves. But I didn't notice the hard clump. Kinda looked like iris corms poking up, had never noticed it before.

I used compost for mulch, also fallen leaves. This wasn't the dog vomit fungus. I'll check mine tomorrow, see if the hard crown is still there.

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membertom(zone 6)

The crown of the common purple violet (Viola sororia) normally looks kinda "brainy" to me, when it has no leaves. There are fattened stems all clumped together and pointing in different directions, right at the surface of the soil. There are marks (lines/wrinkles) across the stems, where the leaves had once been attached. Is this what you're seeing??

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