can you mix plants?

redlove123(5a)April 5, 2004

I was told by my grandma that my great-grandma would take a left from a blue violet and a leaf from a red violet and slice the 2 stems at an angle so they would fit together. She would then adhear them together somehow and plant into soil. As long as the 2 leaves were stuck perfect they would become one plant and the blooms would be a mix of all color. IS this possible or are they just pulling my chain. this would have been in the 50's when she tryed this. But she is not longer around. Any info would be good hear about this one. Thanks

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stefanb8(z7 MD)

I believe that this is something that could be better answered on the African Violet forum (the popular houseplants that can be easily rooted from leaf cuttings are quite different from true violets). While some sort of graft chimera is a possibility, it could also be that the two leaves rooting in such close proximity would eventually give the appearance of a single plant with two different flower colors. If leaves taken from such a plant and rooted separately developed into plants with only one of the two colors, the latter is most likely what actually happened. The African Violet forum would be an appropriate place to pose your question; otherwise, it might take experimentation on your part to get closer to the truth.

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