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hellbender(6)December 6, 2012

Our "rat dog" died this year at about 15 years of age. She is buried in the back yard. Our new pet is Betsy. She belongs to a neighbor but her owners are rarely home and since Betsy craves human companionship, she is frequently about. In the attached photo, she is supervising my latest construction project, a garage addition. She is some kind of Lab mix. She can run like the wind.

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Aindra(8, BC)

It's hard to lose a long-time companion (disregarding your clearly poor taste in rats), but at least Betsy has you! It's great that you're providing her socialization she needs. I especially like the black-colored animals.

When someone posts a picture of a dog, I'll confront them with mine as a rule.

I believe he was four or five months old in this picture.


As you can see he's getting on years because he's sporting a lot grey hair. He's 12 now.

If it's not obvious, Kodi is a wolfdog hybrid. He's a product of accidental meeting between a captive wolf and farm dog. If you're interested to know that tale... The farmer captures the wolves that came too close to the communities and relocate them. But he needs a permission and ideal time for relocation so he has to hold the wolves in his pen in meantime. Then Kodi appeared. He lives with my parents so I miss him though I visit them often.

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