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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)April 22, 2003

Just some of the violets I grew up with out in the yard... no scent... But with this wonderful resource in this forum, I just wanted to confirm the species for my own info. Very prolific little guys but always a welcome sight for me in spring! I scooped these up and temporarily stuck them in those little pots. Will be transplanting into a bowl container. The white ones apparently got mowed many times last spring and so they are now all over the middle of mom's yard...LOL The purples were up first about a week or two ago and the whites finally made an appearance in the past couple days.

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membertom(zone 6)

Here goes for a second time. The first response got lost when I tried to go back from the preview page.(frustrating) Anyway, I'm no expert, but they look like they would be Viola sororia. The bottom one would be what I call a Confederate Violet. Both the purple and Confederate forms are growing in my parent's back yard also. I've potted up quite a few and am in the process of trying crosses with other violet species. Oh and speaking of no scent, I had thought so too ... but on a warm day try gathering a bundle of each type (purple and Confederate) and then smell. I bet you'll find the Confederates have a mild, sweet scent - kind of like honeysuckle. Even if not, they're still great to have around.
Have a good season, Tom

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

Yup - I'd go along with Tom - V. sororia and V. sororia f. priceana. There are also pink cultivars of both of these.

Thanks for the piccies - brightens up the forum.

(OK - yes Natahlie - thanks for yours the other day, too - you know I would not forget you :) )

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Thank you!!! I've seen pics of the pink and they're pretty. Always cheery little flowers! I'll have to hope for some warmer weather to catch a fragrance from them. It's been sortof chilly and overcast here this month with a few days of sun and warm temperatures in between.

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I found some yellow ones growing in our "forest" last year. Moved some up by the house, but so far, haven't seen them. I think my husband plowed them under. They are back in the "forest" tho again this year. Had never seen a yellow one before. I love theselittle beautiful flowers here in MO. In CA they are cultivated, but have a little bulb/root system. I have the purple/white ones too, having moved a couple plants from the grass/yard area into a special area where I have protected them. Here they are wild, but everywhere! and so pretty!

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