dead heading

johnsnyder(6)April 22, 2006

I had a problem wit my flahr garden last year, they weren't blooming to thier fool potential I had heard from another member that i might need to dead head my flahrs but i was wondering how long i should wait to do that.

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etii(France 8)

Just don't understand what a flahr is :-/ I first believed it was a kind of slang word for flowers lol !!! But even with that transalation I don't understand your post :-/
If you're talking about a violet: no cutting is needed. If it's a pansy, you can cut blooms when they're dead except if you want seeds.
Really, do you mind being more explicit ? Or maybe someone which English is the tongue mother can be helpful ?

All the best.

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rob_peace(VIC Aust)

i agree with thierry on dead heading flowers. most true violets dont need this. the fading flowers are generally very neat and disappear under the foliage. some of the double flowered types may look better if fading flowers are removed. the pansy part of the family benefit from a good cut back of the entire plant after a long flowering period. this encourages new growth in most cases.

(thierry? there are several non-standard ways to spell english. most are reflections of local accent where the standard spelling no longer reflects the spoken word. some would prefer a much more phonetic spelling of english. i correspond with a macedonian australian in sydney who grows palm species. he applies the phonetic principals of his native tongue to his spelling of english. it's kinda funky!: )

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