Unknown violet

bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)April 24, 2013

From all over the property, the various Violets were moved to this strawberry jar, and they still show the shock. All are identified but the nicely blooming reddish purple one, low and in the front.
Very tiny leaves, at the moment.
At the top, one that has not really bloomed much or spread, V.odorata Sulphurea, with tiny but fine apricot and yellow flowers.
To the right V. o. 'Alba'. To the left V. o, standard violet color, and hidden from view on the back the amazingly weed-like V. soraria 'Freckles'.

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The pink one appears to be Viola riviniana 'rosea.' It can be weedy in some climates.

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Thank you, it may have gotten here along with some tree or shrub I purchased. As to potential weedy behavior, one aea where I really do not garden has a carpet of V. odorata, from what I can see. And V. sororia 'Freckles' can hardly be outdone for weedy behavior.

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