Viola 'Columbine'

pondluvrApril 13, 2010

Hi. I live in Michigan, zone 6, and had what I thought was a perennial viola 'Columbine'. It was beautiful, and I thought this was my second spring with it. I am almost positive last spring it came back beautifully after having been planted in the late summer of 2008. However, all of my other plants are up already, and some are blooming. However, there is no trace whatsoever of this viola coming back. I would think it would be almost blooming by now, but there's not even a hint of a leaf or stem coming back. Did it winter kill? I wonder why if that's what happened? I'm fairly new to perennials, but have had a lot of success with most of my plants.

Any advice? I'm thinking of digging it up to see if there are any living roots.

Thanks everybody. Hopefully someone will read this and offer some suggestions. Maybe I'm just too anxious, and it's not time yet.....I don't know for sure.


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I live in Oregon, so our winters are not as cold, but are certainly very wet. I have a number of varieties of violets in my garden, including 'Columbine' and mine also do not return consistently. Every other year or so, I buy new ones, as if they were annuals. They are available at a lot of nurseries in our area, including Home Depot, so it's not a big expense. Maybe it's just that variety? I am NO expert, but the root system looks a lot more like the annuals than the perennials (no rhizome-like roots).

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Thanks, Dimati, for the response. I ended up digging it up to check the roots, and it was definitely gone. No sign of life whatsoever. Guess I will replace it. It came back so healthy and beautiful last spring. I don't know what happened. The expense is not my main concern. I just try to get my brain around the "why" of things. And when there's no concrete answer, it bugs me. I just need to relax and "let it be"!!!

Happy gardening. I LOVE seeing all the perennials coming back each spring. It brings me so much joy!


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Is Viola 'Columbine' the one with blue stripes on white, as it is here? I must keep an eye on it, it was sold to me as hardy, and so it is described in all the viola catalogues too, so far as I can see.

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Mine did not survive the heat of summer. Alas, for I was entranced by the fragrance and beauty of this cultivar.

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