violet cousins...hybanthus

rob_peace(VIC Aust)April 15, 2006

i've recently made a 3000km road trip to the NSW north coast where my children live. along the way i stopped in several places to look for violets in the bush. i found some colonies of viola betonicifolia and also of the viola family cousin, hybanthus stellarioides. it's a small shrub of the understory and has seed capsules very like a violet. the flower is violet-like also but has much reduced petals except the lower one. i read that it is a succesful pot plant which can be grown from cuttings. the plants i found were growing on a fire access track at a waste recycling area near port macquarie, hardly pristine bush, so i collected some cuttings to try.

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That's really a fantastic "lower petal not reduced"!! lol
Scented by chance?

This story makes me remember that my Hymenanthera dentata did bloom several weeks ago...( Also another australian violaceae) Nearly microscopic yellow flowers!!

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rob_peace(VIC Aust)

hi nathalie,
yes, i thought you might like this little discovery! i was thinking of the genetic study you needed material for. i dont think the flowers are scented but actually didnt check. most of the australian violets are not scented so it's not normal for me to check. i'm glad you have had success with hymenanthera, the tree violet. i remember collecting that seed on an alpine road trip some years back.

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