Did I Kill Viola 'Rebecca'?

shadara(5b-6a)May 14, 2010

Had my eye on this plant for over a year and finally saw it at my local GH (to my delight).

Brought it home and seeing a 1 gallon container, it looked like several little plants via rhizomes. Figured to divide it by 50% and plant each half on entrance of either side of north-facing patio gardens.

Boy... was I wrong. I had spots ready, amended soil, watered each hole, ready with potted plant, and started to divide in half like I intended. About almost done a huge chunk of potting soil and smaller-looking roots just plopped off. I felt further and realized that all that foliage mat of little leaves was from ONE plant/stalk.

So I planted both: Plant above with half roots, and the chumk of half-roots that I hacked off with a knife.

Do you think either will survive. Please let me know of your input and info. I'd greatly appreciate it.


"Newb gardener, only second season of perennial plants"

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Hi, I have this violet. Long time no answer huh?
I am betting it came back. Mine started a new plant in
a place it preferred.

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