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covellaDecember 3, 2012

I'm interested in starting a worm farm at home. I remembered reading this group with great hilarity over the years and came back to learn. I saw people referred to Kelly on the archives, but I can't figure out how to find the posts. Help appreciated!

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Great Question. By reading the archives you have hit on the mother lode of gold buried there. Search terms will help you dig them out.

Up top of the page on the right, under the advertisement
"Search" type in "Kelly Vermicompost" "Garden Web" "Go". My search Resulted in hit number 7 being "collecting worms from outside" Kelly's reply being poster number 4: This post is also one of the many examples why reading her posts are informative and enjoyable.

Probably typing in "Kelly S" "type your topic of interest" in quotes like that, will show her posts on a topic. Do you have a topic for us to practice a search on?

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Additional Note: My posting style, for better or worse, is a bit to honor the posting style of chuckiebtoo and his visiting UFO's. chuckiebtoo was a poster along side of and also continuing later than Kelly on more than one vermicompost forum. I am actually a bit fan of many of the posters here and enjoy each of the different personalities and the vermi music they make together. Snap, Crackle, Pop!

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And here I've just been scrolling back through the "previous 30 messages" and the 67 odd pages of them or using the search field. Doing this I mainly see '08 as the oldest start date but a few '05 threads that have been dredged up. Does GardenWeb purge old threads or was there a data loss sometime in 2008 where inactive threads were lost?

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I only post here because the site I wanted to post at with great posters chuckiebtoo and RedHen was broken and nobody new could sign on. I watched as chuckiebtoo and RedHen and others chatted and wondered why the site was dying with no new people. I e-mailed the site a few times the issue with signing in with no response. Those who had access had no idea nobody new could sign on. I watched a great group of vermicomposters die. They were puzzled and sad no new posters signed on to ask newbie questions. They wanted to help newbies. I figure the owner of that board lost only about $78,000.00 of advertising over the last 4 years that has now been earned by the owners of garden web. You guys do realize that every post we put up or click on earns a penny or so through advertising for not ourselves but for the owners of garden web. They, garden web owners sort of suck our brains while earning $$$. They do provide us a service. Us posters are sort of a cross between cattle and sheep for the site owners. The ideas we post are no longer owned by us. Our Private Messages on the sight may not even be private. Just sayin'.

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Came across this set of Photos on Flickr (from 2006) showing Chuckiebtoo's Worm setup. I don't know if all these photos were also posted here on the Forum.


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The pictures are a good find shaul.

Pictures of cutting the pumpkin for the refrig for the worms is so real. Gotta wonder if that is a duel purpose human worm refrig or a worm food dedicated refrige.

The photo shows what may be the only existing picture of his WonderStick TM. Stands for TradeMarked. His tool of choice for working with the worms. The magic is that baby worms stick to it like magic for easy harvest and transfer with out hurting themn. Thus I use a cheap knock off copy... a kabob stick with the wooden handle broken off. To avoid eye danger I wear goggles.

Chuckiebtoo also had Aliens that visited his outdoor compost bin... which he watered frequently with what nature provided. I am waiting to see my first Alien at my compost pile. I might break down and buy a few from the pet store or a cheaper brand of beer.

lkittle: Aren't you a long time poster, too? I think I have been an avid follower and read tons of your posts here? or on some site.

I just wanted to know what to put in the bucket with the worms besides leaves and ended up reading the huge archives of two boards. Funny stuff. Ended up reading more for the humor than the worms.

I am editing this to get rid of an advertisement automatically put into my post by the site. I hope I killed it. The ads that take a word and make it clickable.

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Hi equinoxX2 yes I have been a long time poster at this site as well as a couple others. CB2has been posting longer than I have. We both have tons of info at another site


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