preparing iriss for sale

ginnypenny(East TXZ8)April 6, 2012

I have a bunch of Irises that I am hoping to sell at the Cherokee County Master Gardeners plant sale on the 14th.

I'm not sure if how soon ahead I should dig them. Should I repot them, or wash and trim them as I have seen daylilies done?

I don't know the names of any of them, but have taken pictures and plan to have the available for folks to see what they look like.

Any other hints and tips....'cause I've come to expect you folks to help keep me going in the right direction!!


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If your iris are still green as mine are, even if they have finished blooming it might be best to pot them up and attach a pic of the bloom so you'll know which ones are which at sale time. The green leaves are still making food for next years blooms until they start to die back so you don't want to cut them off yet. I don't cut mine off until they have died all the way back to the ground, although I do bend them down and out of sight while they are yellowing and looking ratty. Since you will be potting them, you can dig them now, but be sure to keep them out of direct sun and keep the pots cool so they don't go into root shock.

The thing about daylilies is that I don't think you can kill them even if you tried. I had a bunch of them in a forgotten wheelbarrow for over a year. When I found them they looked like they were done for. I dumped them on top of the compost pile and doggone if they didn't all take root and grow. Have fun at your sale. Cheryl

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ginnypenny(East TXZ8)

Thanks, Cheryl, that's kinda what I thought, but was unsure. Mine are still green, green and many haven't bloomed yet, many have blooms and buds still on.

I know what you mean about the day lilies. I've moved them around all over the place and don't think I've lost but maybe one or two. Man, they're tough.

We had a great time at the sale in April last year and are looking forward to this one.

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