Worm Identification

flooperer(BC)December 16, 2005

Hi, I got my worms from nearby manure pile and I'm not sure which type they are. They are doing well, I've had them for about two months and they are really starting to multiply now, lots of new worms and capsules too. I just wonder which species they are, is there an easy way to tell by looking at them, or by region? I found them in a great big manure pile in Vancouver BC.

Thanks, Matt.

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Matt, from all you've said, it sounds to me like you have British Columbian manure worms which, as I understand it, were brought into Canada unintentionally in the 60's in VW vans by One-A flower children immigrating from the US to avoid the Vietnam draft. The worms and cocoons were unknowingly secreted in the pot plants the kids brought with them (if you know what I mean).

I've heard those worms only thrive in fertile soil suitable for growing weed. What kind of farm were you at when you first found them digging in that manure pile?


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Hi, thanks for the reply. The worms came from a large pile of horse manure, several local stables compost their manure there.
The worms look like pictures of red wigglers I've seen online and are doing well in my bins, I think/hope they are either E. foetida or R. lumbricus, I wondered if there was a way to tell just for interest.


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Oh Matt, I was just half-joking. Without pics or a cadaver, it's kinda hard to determine. But they ARE manure red worms, usually called red wigglers. Sounds like they're doing real well, too.

I have access to composted horse manure and use it extensively. My EF love me for it.


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sqh1(z7 NC)

flooperer.. welcome to this forum..and chuckiebtoo's humor. I visit here often and enjoy the experience and humor shared..:) Your worms do sound like they are happy. ID-ing worms, from all I have heard, is not an easy thing to do, but it sounds like they are manure worms and perhaps redworms.

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boreal_wormer(Alta Canada)

If you really want to know have a look at the link below for an online Taxonomic Key

Here is a link that might be useful: Worm Watch - Taxonomic Key

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