yellow violets

MomSear(USDA 5)May 25, 2003

Having just discovered several patches of yellow wood violets on our property, how do I either harvest the seed (selectively, of course) or nurture the plants until I can transfer a plant to my nursery bed? I certainly do not want to harm these treasures. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Can't help much, except to say watch for the seed pods, and when they start to open, get it. (not much help, I know!) My dad used to have yellow violets from the wild. Would love to find one again for my own garden!!!

Good luck!

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Many years ago I found yellow violets in the forests about my home. I looked for years in seed catalogs to see if they offered yellow violets. I am trying to find seeds for them so I can start them in my yard. I sent away and now have pink, red, double pink and double red violets, and the freckled variety. What I can tell you is that when the seed pod ripens it will look like the fingers on a hand when the hand is open. The seeds will line the open fingers. At this point either pick the seed head carefully or put a piece of paper under the seed pod and tap gently. The seeds will fall into the paper. Some violets spread by runners this is true of the reds and pinks. They will form baby plants to the side of the parent plant. When the babies have taken root and are of sufficient size gently remove from the parent plant and relocate in an area that you wish new violets to form.
If anyone has yellow seeds they want to share I can send some freckled seeds in the summer

Hope this helps

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

I'd add a general word abot violet seedpods: there are two types:
- those that turn upwards before they split open to disperse their seeds, and
- those that stay close the ground and gently split open and let the seeds tumble out (or be taken by ants).

The method cupcake mentions above is fine for the latter (most likely V. odorata, but there are other species that behave similarly). But for the others, which includes the yellows (various species), put the seed pod(s), just after they have started to split, in a paper bag with the top closed off. Why? - because those species disperse their seeds ballistically - they can ping out and land more than a metre away. OK, I suppose cupcake's method of spreading out a sheet of paper underneath would work, if the paper was, say, 10ft x 10ft :)

Once you've collected the seeds, sow them with just a tincy covering of fine compost, and put them outside somewhere where they will remain moist, but free from vermin, birds, and heavy rain. Cold moistness is necessary to help break dormancy; the seeds 'know' the passing of a freezing spell signifies that spring is on its way and now might be a good time to germinate.

Last word: try to determine the species of your yellow violet. The better you know the plant, the better you should be able to cater for its needs, and the better the advice you will be able to gain from others.

Good luck,

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Anyone who has YELLOW VIOLET SEEDS pease email me at: am seriously seeking lots of seeds to plant a Yellow garden of them.. Thanks Cristine

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etii(France 8)

Hi !

Here are some:
Here again:

Good luck :-)

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I would love to trade for a yellow violet. I have never seen them. I live in Kentucky if you think they would grow here in zone 6 let me know what you would trade for.

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I've got wild yellow violets growing, I'll have to see if I can catch them to get some seeds. I know I had promised someone some but my email is so clogged not sure who!

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Is there a name for the yellow violets?

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