Acid or alkaline?

michellescroggin(z6 western MA)May 22, 2006


First off, let me state I am NOT a chemist!

MANY years ago, I knew a woman who had the most beautiful (i.e. HEALTHY!) African violet plants I have ever seen. She swore it was because she added used coffee grounds to the soil and occasionally even watered them with a little diluted brewed coffee in order to keep their soil acidic, since violets like acidic soil.

About two years ago, I read an article online that stated that many houseplants will thrive if watered with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water (4 oz hydrogen peroxide to 1 gallon water). My understanding is that it releases oxygen to the plant (hydrogen peroxide's molecular formula is H2O2, so it is bacially water - H2O - with an additional oxygen molecule!) that can enhance root development and also help treat root rot. I've been doing it since with all my plants (including my African violets and hoyas!).

Since H2O2 is an alkaline, it would seem that adding it to the water with which I water my hoyas and African violets would be counterproductive.

SO...there's my question: Do you think it is wise to water my violets with the H2O2? Do you think I should follow my old friend's example with my violets and add coffee grounds?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

:o) Michelle

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etii(France 8)

Sorry Michelle, wrong place for your question :-)

This forum is for the discussion of violets, plants of the genus Viola. There is a separate forum covering African violets ->

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michellescroggin(z6 western MA)

How did I miss that?

Thanks etii!

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