Rid Wild Violets from Bedding Plants

tom58(z7 MD)May 17, 2005

If anyone can help with this we have recently been "infested" with wild violets growing so fast we can't pull them quick enough. They are in the beds with our azaleas and ilex and are taking over. Was hoping there was something to spray or sprinkle that would kill them and leave the other plants safe. Thanks!

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etii(France 8)

So what ?
Ain't violets sweet and beautiful ? I don't see where is the problem !
Anyway, there's nothing to do except tearing them off :-) But I know them well by the time, and they will survive :-)pp YES !

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rob_peace(VIC Aust)

i sometimes listen to gardening shows on the radio. some have a strong following. you can ring for advice and they have specialist guests who give presentations. you can ring them for advice on their special subject.
i once heard a prominent u.s. rhododendron specialist give a presentation. he was here for the first international rhodo conference in the southern hemisphere. there was lots of new research in the viraya group, one only of which is a very rare australian native, with some very interesting ones in new guinea. his two phone-in questions? how do you make a lemon tree bear fruit? and can i use a chain-saw to cut the rhododendron away from the window of my house? ie an unrelated question and a 'how to destroy' question! i vowed i would never put myself into this situation...but eventually did. after my presentation on national radio i was asked about how to make an african violet flower and how to destroy the violets invading a rose bed. having told the rhodo story to the hosts, they were in fits as i had anticipated both questions!
so, tom, you might find it difficult to get a straight answer to your question in this forum!!!

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Dear Tom,
1)Give up and learn to love them
2)Dig them all up and mail them to all of us
3)Count your blessings
4)You asked the wrong people!

Friendship in Violets!-the Violetvamp

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I'm also looking for a way to rid my garden of these aggressive violet like weeds. Did you get any helpful responses?

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Hicup(Z5 ILL)

Please go into "growing violets" forum to see answer. You will need to go to a nursery for help with a special product.

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Misadie(SO IN)

I love violets and all plantings. Only I love my lawn too. Violet have taken over my lawn up around my house. I have tried digging the tublar up and moving them to a near by creek side. The violets are back. How do I get my lawn violet free. I will not kill them if at all necessary. However I would like to control them.
Thanks for your assistance

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How do I get rid of the wild violets that are taking over my yard??Is there a spray that can be used that will not kill the grass?

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I need to know if there is a spray to get rid of wild violets? They are taking over my yard. How can I get rid of them?

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Weedkiller designed for lawns will kill them in the grass. Don't use it in flower beds though.
If you really need to kill them then get some roundup or the like and some good latex gloves designed for use around solvents. Glue a bit of terry cloth to the finger tips of the gloves and dip in the weed killer. You can control the weedkiller nearly perfectly that way and just get the target plant.
Just seems easier and safer to me to just pull a few everyday all growing season.

I'm loaded with violets. I just hand pull. I stop just short of anihalation and still have plenty come spring. I don't mind them in the grass. I don't mind a bunch in the beds. I just pull enough so that the other things can grow. I give them away to whoever wants them. Been known to hand them to passing children to take home. I try not to compost them if I can find a home but they are prolific.

That said if anybody wants a fragrant white violet that has ambitions of ruling the world I'll mail them for postage.

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If the PH of the soil in your lawn is low (likely if the violets are thriving) you could try liming the lawn. I wouldn't mind having more violets in my lawn, but what I get are broadleaf plantains.

The azealas need a low Ph, so you might well need to go the roundup route.


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They are taking over my lawn and also my neighbors. I've heard that Triclopyr sold under the name Garlon can be used to eradicate them. I'm looking to purchase some and be the "test bed" (excuse the pun) for the neighborhood. Does anyone have any experience with Garlon? I think there are different solutions and I'm still looking to find the one that some expert will tell me will work.

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Mystery solved. I've been struggling with wild violets for nearly a decade in two different homes in Virginia. I've been pulling them out by hand...reseeding every year...using copious amounts of Roundup...nothing ever worked. Until now. See, God recently blessed me with an invasion of nutgrass/nutsedge. I found a new product called Ortho Nutsedge Killer available at Home Depot. They only sell it in small spray, 24 ounce containers. When I sprayed on the nutsedge, I noticed the following day that the wild violets looked worse. I sprayed on again on the wild violets - and voila, it killed them and not the grass! At least it hasn't killed the grass so far. I'm delighted and finally at peace.

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beachgrub(4 northern michigan)

Trimec works. May take 2 applications. Won't kill your grass.

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