Wild Violets & Peonies- do they like each other?

TRichard1966May 23, 2005

I just planted a couple of wild violet clumps at the base of my peonies. Want them to spread. Any reason they shouldn't be near the peonies?

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gerdk(7 Europe)

Three different species of American violets are growing nicely close to my Paeonia officinalis since about 5 years.
Last year I found violets side by side with peonies in the wild near Artvin/Turkey.
Kind regards

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GaelicGardener(z6 RI)

I have two peony bushes that live quite contentedly near the wild violets. I planted the peonies, the violets just showed up. I consider them weeds (the violets), but my sister won't let me weed whack them. Some are purple and white, some are yellow and white.

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I have a fair amount of peonies and various kinds of wild violets and had never thought of this before. There are less violets near the peonies and they maintain individual clumps rather than forming a solid mat as they do in other parts of my garden. I don't know if others have noticed the same thing or not. Any thoughts?

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