Roses Starting to Catch Up Now

seamommy(7bTX)April 2, 2014

Many of my roses were starting to put on new growth and were pinched back by that late freeze in March. I lost all the blooms on two plum trees. The trees are recovering and the roses are starting to put on new growth again. Many of the stems were killed back to between 8 and 12 inches and the leaves died. I had to prune all the dead parts off, all the way back to where the new growth was coming out. Many daffs went into shock and failed to bloom. All the grape hyacinths are doing fine.

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PKponder TX(7b)

I had the same damage to my rose, need to get them trimmed back. My white iris buds froze too. Hopefully the freezing weather is behind us.

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I too had lots of new growth on my roses killed in that last freeze.

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I noticed this morning that more of the roses are starting to bloom here. Duchesse De Brabant has been in full bloom for a couple of months now.

Happy spring ya`ll!
Tally Ho!

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I had cut off my daffodil flower heads since I thought they were ruined by the freeze/ice (they were all bent over, not just a slight bend but actual sharp-angled creases in the flower stalk). However, I was surprised that they righted themselves back up after being put into a vase. I've never seen a flower stalk do that. Next year I will leave it on the daffodils.

I don't remember how tall they got last year but I was surprised to see that where I had made the cut, it seems to have grown about another 5-6" from there. I thought the flower stalk was pretty tall already and that it would not grow much more. So again, next year, I will leave it on the daffodils.

Fortunately I had just pruned my roses right before the freeze, leaving probably less than 10 leaves on the plant itself (and that was only because they were already growing from below the point at which I wanted to prune down to) so there were not too many new leaves to get ruined. The bushes have now put out their new growths without having lost too much in the process.

The biggest hit was probably my vincas. I was actually surprised to see they survived all through the winter and were actually starting to grow again, but then the freeze came and that really killed them down to the ground. I saw them withering away more and more each day. I hope they come back so I can say "it's my vincas from last year". Something about not having to re-buy/re-plant makes the frugal gardener in me happy.

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