violets inside?

merrybookwyrmMay 23, 2010

Has anyone tried growing violets, especially viola odorata, indoors? From what I've seen so far, they require four flourescent lights to get enough light. Maybe a tomato set up?

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So far, so good. My violets are handling the inside quite well. Inside, temperatures run about 72F to 78F. Outside in the garden, they no like it very much-- it has been weeks of 100+F temperatures there.

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Hello! I know this is a super old post but I was wondering how your violets are doing. I wanted to grow some parmas inside but before I dropped a ton of cash shipping them from Cali I thought I'd see how your V. odoratas did. :)

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I plant violas, pansies inside every year and place on a table in front of SE facing living room windows. Have tons of blooms all winter until I get tired of cleaning up after them in the spring.
This year I am growing perennial seeds.
I buy plants sometimes but usually I plant seeds in August.

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