Intensity of Color in V. sororia

mgradie(5a ME)May 19, 2003

Our yard is littered with blue and white violets similar to those pictured in another post on the forum entitled 'Who are we.' I assume they are V. sororia. They have been there for close to 100 years. I have noticed that the intensity of the blue color varies and there is a clump in a flower bed that is a particluarly purpley-blue . I am wondering if soil conditions affect the intensity of the color. It occured to me that acidity probably varies in different parts of the yard. I'd like to duplicate that intense coloration.

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

Good observation.

The blue in V. sororia does indeed vary, but I confess I have not studied it. I cannot even say whether it varies during the life of an individual flower or from plant to plant, or from flower to flower for any individual plant.

However, I can contribute:
- I have seen intensity/shade variation in individual flowers on a red form of V. sororia, as they age
- I have seen a particularly electric-purply blue flower on V. subsinuata (close to V. sororia), but only one year

It would be good to have some observations from other folks in the US - since they have the potential benefit of larger numbers of V. sororia plants - and hence greater statistical significance. Given a good sized colony, I'd be looking to see if any colour variation seemed to be correlated with shade/sun, dry/wet soil, rich/poor soil, as well as the acidity already mentioned.

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mgradie(5a ME)

Thank you for your response. The most intense colors get the most sun, now that I think of it. I imagine the best way to do this sort of study would be in pots, controling the acidity, moisture, and other factors you mention. Right now I'm involved in a study of winter hardiness of roses in northern zones, but another year I might investigate this. Hope to hear from others.

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