stupid newbie question...

VeryVee(toronto)May 18, 2005

I thought i saw this in a FAQ somewhere but i can't find it...

Oh well maybe i just imagined it to be a frequent question.

Anyway here goes ..

What is the difference between a viola, violette and violet ?

Just wanted to know...


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etii(France 8)

Hello !

Easy to answer :-)
Viola (general latin name) is the family. In that family there are 2 members: pansy and violet.
Violette is just the French for violet :-)
The problem: all names started with viola so that U CAN'T make the difference between pansy and violet thanks the name :-(
Once when I was a totally newbie I bought a viola Rebeca and discover it was a pansy (YUKY !!!)

Take care.

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