Rosulate violets

nathalieJune 24, 2007

Has someone experiences to share in how to germinate them and grow them??

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stefanb8(z7 MD)

Nathalie, have you learned anything from your own research since asking this question? I'm guessing they need strict rock garden culture and have seen some of them growing in volcanic rock in pictures, so presumably they dislike lime in their soil and need absolute drainage... I would also assume the seeds need some chilling given their very southern latitude and high-elevation native haunts, but this is only a guess. But that all seems very general and not much help for you. They are beautiful and exotic creatures! I don't think I'd dare to try them in this miserable climate, where even ordinary violets can be a trial to grow well :) Did you acquire some special seeds?


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Hi stefan

yes I could acquire few seeds on internet. yes yes of course I did search everything I could before asking here but practicals infos are very rare.
I put the seed on a peat potting soil and then in the fridge.I will take them of in september ( I don't know why but that's what i decided!)
On other i didn't sow yet i will try gibbeleric acid...

can't tell more at the moment!

will keep you informed :)

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stefanb8(z7 MD)

It's funny you should mention the gibberellic acid - I was just about to ask here if anyone knows what kind of concentration and exposure time is safe and useful for Viola seed... I found a reference to it in a recent research paper, but I don't seem to have access to the alpine gardening society's journal where the process is described fully. I would assume that violets aren't too sensitive to high concentrations of GA3, but it would be best to know for sure :) I just ordered a fresh supply of it myself, because I don't trust that refrigeration alone will bring about the desired result... but keeping my fingers crossed all the same.

Good luck with your rosulate seeds! I'm sure that if anyone has the magic touch to get them to grow, it's you.

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