Violetta Syletta

covellaJune 8, 2007

How sturdy is this violet? I bought a very small one at a sale yesterday. It was only $0.75 so no biggie, but I wondered if it spreads and reseeds like wild violets?

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etii(France 8)

Hi !

$0.75 for a violet ! You're lucky man, nothing less than Â4 here, that's to say much more :-/
Are you talking about viola Koreana sylettas (the one with cyclamen leaves) ? If yes, quite an easy going girl. Beware, asian violets don't like shade too much, a sunny place is better. It spreads and reseeds as well :-)

Take care :-)

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yes thats the one - sorry for misspelling
Its a tiny little one but I thought it might do best in a well drained spot by the look of it. Its going in morning sun - ok?

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etii(France 8)

YoOoOoOoOoOoOo !

No problem for misspelling: anyway, koreana sylettas is the most common given mane but I'm not sure it's the right one :o) Botanists drive me crazy !!!! And p--- me off as well LOL !
Well drained place and morning sun: PERFECT :-)
Good luck with that pretty girl ;o)

All the best - Thierry :-)

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