Viola cutting

novice31m(6nj)June 27, 2004

I have a viola cutting in a homade pot that I use

for cuttings (it`s just a pot with-in a pot w/an

air stone and clay pellet medieum.I put the cutting

in hormone,plant it and cover it w/a plastic baggie.

It has been there for about 2 weeks and is doing

fine.(new flowers and all)But when I tried to take

off the bag the plant wilts and falls over in the

matter of minutes. really. I did this twice.

It comes back to life when I put the bag back.

How am I supposed to harden off when it wants

to die so fast.Am I taking the bag off too soon?

also, is viola a annual? The kind I am growing

has yellow,purple and black flowers I dont know

the varity. thank you.

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I propagate violas by separating the offshoots at the roots, and planting the tiny, whole plants. I don't think cuttings are the way to do it, but I may be wrong.

Some violas, like johnny jump ups, are self seeding annuals. Sounds like you have annuals, from the colors. Collect the seeds and propagate that way.

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