We are getting with the program!!

ogrose_txApril 21, 2012

We have six houses in our court in an older neighborhood, and there are four of us really going to town on our landscapes; my neighbor to my left, me, neighbor to the right, then two houses not doing so much, and then Tan, from Vietnam who is doing VERY interesting neat things to his! This is fun to watch since I retired last year, and I do know one of my sweet neighbors is fixing to retire from teaching school for a million years, she absolutely hates yard work, but bakes and cooks like nobody's business, so who's to complain - life is so interesting with everyone's different tastes and likes and dislikes!

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How fun to have so many neighbors into gardening..or at least working at improving the landscaping. Maybe the other 2 will join in shortly?

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Well, I've been trying to get Alice (the school teacher) interested, but at this point her lawn is gone, but at least she does keep it cut, and does water the weeds once in a while! The house next to hers is a rental, and I doubt if the owner (who used to live there) will bother to spend any money to fix up, so, we just live with the cards we are dealt with... we just call him the "slum landlord", and let it go at that!!

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How exciting. I hope you took some "before" pictures and will post some "after" shots.

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I'm excited about setting up another Garden Hop..and the prospect of scheduling more time for your place so we can peek in on your neighbors as well!


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Sounds good to me!!

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