sun vs. shade - need advice

lisaloo(MA z6)June 5, 2003

Hi, I've ordered several new (to me) violas, can you all help me to clarify where they should be planted? I have space available in full sun to nearly full shade (and everything in between), so I'd like to site them as appropriately as possible.

Maggie Mott -- Bluestone lists it as full sun to mostly shade. I have space in either (and everything in between) -- what does she prefer??

Viola odorata Queen Charlotte -- I assume wants more shade, correct? Like wild violets?

royal robe -- Bluestone lists as sun to half shade

purple showers -- Bluestone lists as mostly sunny to full shade

Birds Foot violet (viola pedata) -- alpine garden society website suggests full sun

Thanks so much,


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Violet_Girl(z9a TX)

Well, I have Viola Odoratas too, and they seem to grow equally well in sun or shade. Too much hot sun may make them droop however, I just water them to make them perk back up.

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trisha_mo(z5 MO)

I'm new to violets but I bought some Birds Foot violet (viola pedata) this year and was told to plant it in full sun in dry, sandy, rocky soil. I planted them in a raised bed filled with sand, pebbles and some soft soil. So far they are doing ok.

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

Good advice from Trisha for V. pedata.

For the others, full sun would do for them all, to generalize. But if you can, I would advise aiming for somewhere with at least a little shade and humidity, not least to reduce the chances of red spider mite in a long hot summer.
More specifically, the violets in your list (as opposed to the pansy types) can be planted under deciduous shrubs in full sun - so that they get all the light going in spring (when they flower), but get the shade during summer (they can take quite a lot then).

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lisaloo(MA z6)


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