virus :-)

etii(France 8)July 10, 2006

hello :-)

I told you last year I had tried to give the virus of riviniana variegated to an odorata by crushing some leaves contaminated in water and using it to sprinkle. I didn't sucess: odorata's leaves had started becoming a little bit yellow and then everything had became normal again.

Chance decided to give me a new start ;-P

A seedling of odorata (you know how kidding violets are - always guesting) appeared in the pot of my riviniana variegated. Here's a pic:

As you can see it, odorata is under attack as my farmer odorata sprinkled with my strange potion was...will see but I'm afraid odorata is the winner. I wouldn't have guessed that one was so strong !!!

Take care (beware of virus ;o))


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Are the leaves wrinkled much? How do you treat the virus? Thank you.


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etii(France 8)

No, for the moment leaves are not wrinkled much: the plant is still young :-) Wait and see....
Treating that virus: no way :-) It's such a great apportunity to try something interesting :-)

All the best :-)

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Ah! I could hear the sound of the mad scientist: "HA HA HA HA" coming through my computer.

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etii(France 8)

That's it :-)

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