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chuckiebtooDecember 14, 2005

I have issues with worms, or, I should say, worm mysteries, and thought a discussion of them might clear up some of my questions...and maybe yours.

One of my little inexplicable observations is the ability of a worm; armless, legless, without anything with which to grab onto a lifeline, to be able to, when you grab him/her/it by the end exposed there for the grabbing, to somehow hold on inside the glop of goop he/she/it is half-way safely into...or half-way dangerously exposed to being plucked, to be able to hang defiantly onto SOMETHING in there and force you to pull the poor creature out by the skin of his/her/it's.......what?????????????


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psymbiosis(z7 NM)

LOL, yeah, been there. Seems to me it is because their slimy skins resist our fingers (unless we squeeze so hard as to turn them into worm squish, and the the point is moot). My best method has been to flick them lightly with the pad of thumb or finger back into the bin when they are on the edge of the bin, or to tap the top of the bin against the sides of the bin to make strays fall off of the lid. Either way, those worms will have their way....and find themselves back in those spots that they want to be in, and it is our job as worm wranglers to to round up them little doggies, as it were, LOL.

I have been lurking here for quite a while and this seems a strange post for you, Chuckie? What's the method to your madness?

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sqh1(z7 NC)

Chuckiebtoo..Worms do have little "life lines". If you were to take one of your friends and get up close and personal, you would see that worms have little bristles that help them navigate though the soil and act as brakes that will resist being pulled out of the soil.

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Well, there you go. All you gotta do is ask around here.


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AbbeysDad(z5 CNY)

None so formidable as the mighty Northeastern Night-crawler. I remember well (sometimes) the days of my youth when in the summer evening following a warm rain, we children with flashlights and buckets would prowl the neighborhood in search of bait for fishing. Like stealthy hunters we would creep up on our unsuspecting prey and grab the exposed end to begin the fight. With the tail firmly in the ground, the worm would fight the mighty fight with contractions of enormous proportions. One needed to be very patient and only pull at the right time, lest all would be lost to 'separation'.

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After a rainstorm passes I will often find a worm in my dog's water bucket. Blue is a 3 legged McNabb and her water-bucket is on a redwood porch about 5' above ground and 50' from the nearest bin. Laying on the bottom and quite alive..... Why would a worm crawl in there and do that?

Welcome back Chuckiebtoo!

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Despite their brilliance at qualities like sexual prowess, insatiable appetites, adaptability to un-wormworthy living conditions we humans subject them to, magical abilities to convert garbage into black gold, and loveableness, I determined long ago that they are either extremely adventure-seeking, or really, really stupid.


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How is it that generations of worms in my bins, like little children, unanimously hate anything in the cabbage family (and cranberries?)?

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Hey Che your Status is Noticed.

I'm bringing this thread up for more mysteries and experiences.
I gotta get a microscope . . . one of these days.

I think I'm going to make a vermitrench.

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watch this !

I have a new critter in my bin & it is NOT shown here . . .

unless it is a ciliate

I can see it with a magnifying glass
it is white, has a head, and wiggles a lot
& seems a little bigger than a springtail and more transparent --
on first sight

Here is a link that might be useful: what's in your bin

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GREAT POST, Barbararose21101!

Everyone should bookmark that site for future reference.

As for your creature, that might be one of the aliens I supposedly blew up in a detonated bin of mine way back when. Sounds a lot the same, but mine didn't wiggle much....yours might be nervous.


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