Crape myrtle recommendations?

karolokeApril 26, 2012

Can anyone recommend a good fuchsia, watermellon red, or white crape myrtle that gets about 12-15 feet tall? I'd prefer one of the Indian varieties if they are more disease resistant. I'm not crazy about the true reds like Dynamite and Red Rocket but like the ones with a rich color that leans toward dark pink. If the online pictures are a good representation of color, I like the color of Tonto and Tuscorora but find differing size information on different sites. I saw Raspberry Sundae, Centennial, Dallas Red, and Country Red crapes last summer and seem to remember they all tended to be more dark pink. Any pictures you can share as well? Thanks!

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Karoloke, I just had 5 pink Crape Myrtle planted. I don't know the botanical name, but whenever i've seen the pink, they seem to have more prolific flowering than the other colors.

Sorry, no pics at the moment.

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For a white version, perhaps something along Sarah's Favorite will be for you.

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Googling "crape myrtle texas a&m" will lead you to the best photo illustrated guide I've come across. The color of the Tuscarora bloom is spot on with the one I planted last year. The chart also gives useful information on growth habit (tree, vase, spreading, mature height, etc.), along with resistance to mildew.

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Thanks for the suggestions, patty cakes and eltex. I'll look into them.

Thanks too, whitecap2, for referring me to that website. It has some very helpful information on it. Do you know how accurate the height information is? I've seen differing heights for the same variety listed on different websites. For instance, I saw on one site that the average height for Tonto is 8-15 feet and another had it listed at just 5-10'. I think I even saw one site that said it only gets to be about 3 feet. That would be disappointing because I want a tree ideally 10-15 feet.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Check out 'Centenial' for a moderate sized dark pink. It's supposed to be one of the most prolific bloomers.

I really like 'Burgandy Cotton' for a white. Mine is still young so I can't say for sure, but it's supposed to stay a moderate sized.

I do enjoy my three white 'Acomas'. They have a beautiful almost oriental look to them with their thick spreading foliage and smooth bark. At maturity they topped out at about 14-15 ft. I think. I'll have to measure them in the morning to be sure.

I love the purple color of Catabwa and have a young one. A neighbor grows it and it matured at about 15 ft.

I think a lot of them grow taller than they say. I bought some so called miniature ones that grew to 12 ft tall in a few years.

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I'm afraid your question takes me well beyond the pale of my personal experience. I see that the info came from Fanick's. Since they've been around since '39, I would think the information reliable.

I would select a variety developed to resist powdery mildew. That can be most frustrating to cope with.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Standing under the Acoma crape myrtle trees, which are about 15 years old, with a yard stick I'd estimate the tallest branches to be about 15 ft. tall.

I've never noticed a mildrew problem with any of the crape myrtles I mentioned above.

Wishing the best in selecting crape myrtles! I can't think of another tree that gives so much color over several months of hot summer. They are also very drought tolerant once established.

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I searched for Fanick's and found the most complete chart on crape myrtles I've seen. Thanks, whitecap2.

rosalee, I appreciate you taking the time to measure your Acomas for me. Wow! 15 feet. Most of the charts I've seen say they get 6-10 feet. But I think they give the estimated height at 10 years.

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maden_theshade(8 - Austin)

I was looking for that exact type last fall. My nursery guy told me most varieties don't hit the 12'-15' range. But I recommend the Pink Velour variety. I think it gets to 12'. It has a beautiful dark pink color bloom, and it blooms for a long period of time during the summer. The new foliage comes in burgandy and then changes to green. I think the fall foliage also has a burgandy hue. I am anxious to see how much growth it will put on this summer!

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