Help save my White Violets!!!

ZTA_Bullwinkle(z8 VA)July 8, 2003

I have two white Violet plants. I have had them for a year. They are blooming beautifully, but no flowers. I am not sure if I need to replant them or what to do with them?!?

I would love to be able to pass on to my little sisters at "Passdowns" next May (when I graduate) their own White violets, but want actual flowering ones. Is it hopeless?

Thanks in advance!


PS - Some background...White violets are my Fraternity (Zeta Tau Alpha) flower, thus my love of them...Many of my sisters have NO idea what they look like, but our Founders picked them because they were so abundant near what is now known as Longwood University in Farmville, VA.

When I ask at craft stores for *GASP* "fake" WHITE VIOLETS, I get blank stares like I am an alien. Why is this???

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

You'ce lost me: you say "They are blooming beautifully, but no flowers"...

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ZTA_Bullwinkle(z8 VA)

[quote]RE: Help save my White Violets!!!

* Posted by: MikeHardman Hampshire, UK (My Page) on Wed, Jul 9, 03 at 18:55

You'ce lost me: you say "They are blooming beautifully, but no flowers"...[/quote]

Let me clarify something for you Mike...I have some beautiful plants (meaning leaves), but no flowers. I am not sure if they need to be replanted into a bigger pot. If they need a special mixture of soil. I have no idea what I could be doing wrong. Thus, I am here asking for help...

Meredith \^^^/

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)


Whatever species of Viola they are, they will be past their chasmogamous flowering season now (they may be producing flowers without petals currently - cleistogamous ones). And it is normal behaviour for many species of violets to enlarge their leaves during summer (they no longer have to worry about letting the light to the petalled flowers).

The fact that your plants are making good leaf means that they are adequately potted; do not give them anything larger, nor richer soil. Let them be, basically. If you want, give them an occasional feed of something like MiracleGrow just to promote general health without giving them too much nitrogen. And keep an eye out for pests and disease. In spring, as the plants start to come into leaf again (I am guessing they are deciduous), you can feed them with weak tomato feed (or other potassium-biassed feed) now and then; do not overdo it. You should then get good flowering, so long as the plants are in good light, though not neceessarily direct sunlight. I hope your sisters will appreciate the flowers and your efforts!

PS. It would be worth trying to speciate your violets, since it could have a bearing on their optimal cultivation. I suppose Viola sororia would be both possible and appropriate (it comes in several colour forms including white).


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