Harvesting castings in winter

dowbright(z6 in Missouri)December 5, 2012

I desperately need to clear two bins, but I want the castings for my spring garden, NOT now. Also, they're pretty dried out. Are they now useless?

Is it wasting it all to clean them out now? I have a Worm Factory. I guess I could put the finished bins on the bottom? Would that keep the bio stuff alive?

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dowbright(z6 in Missouri)

NOW I see the post just a few threads down from KendraSchmidt, which is pretty dang similar.

Rats. I'm such a fool.

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dowbrigh: NOT to worry. At least you saw it.

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I'm confused on how stuff ever drys out in a Worm Factory.

Also there is never any problem but many benefits from tossing a finished or near finished bin onto as brand new bin. It refurbishes the old stuff while balancing out moisture wise and every other way wise wacko crazy new kitchen waste and bedding.

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