whats wrong with my perrnial violet

michael1846(6)July 21, 2013

I bought a perrnial violet at Wal-Mart it has flowers and seeded the seeds even sprouted allready but the vilot has a large bare spot and the leaves are not growing as well as they originally did what can fix this shouild I cut the lengthy ones back and wait for new ones to grow PLEASE help

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stefanb8(z7 MD)

This is a bit late, but your viola appears to have behaved quite normally--they are not usually all-season performers in warm climates and tend to wear out as the temperatures climb. The plants are also not particularly long-lived, if they do survive longer than one season, which they often don't. You might be able to cut back the lanky stems to improve the plant's appearance, but you should not do that unless you can see healthy new growth sprouting at the crown of the plant. The plant may also simply die out altogether after producing seed.

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