Up-Coming Summer Violet Society Journal

Jill_Ann_Williams(Baltimore, MD)July 8, 2005

Dear Friends,

Please be advised that the theme for the up-coming Summer Violet Society Journal will be 'Viola News'. We extend a special invitation to our new members, around the world, to share their special 'Viola News'.

An article for the Journal is approximately 250 words with photo(s). The deadline for sending me articles and photos

is August 7th. Please send the information to me at:


With Thanks ~ Hoping to Hear from Many of our Members!

Jill Ann

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Jill_Ann_Williams(Baltimore, MD)

We hope that you are enjoying reading the Summer 2005 Journal. Please be reminded that the theme for our Autumn 2005 Journal will be, "Viola Collections". Perhaps you have some interesting 'Viola' items around your home that you would be interested in telling us about and showing us pictures of! The deadline for sending me articles is:
October 24, 2005.
Thank You.

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