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thch91December 1, 2008


I am using the 18 Gallon Rubbermaid tote system. I have a tote inside a tote, the bottom tote has 2 bricks inside that the second tote sits on for drainage. So far no drainage. I checked in on my pets tonight and had about 20 worms out of 500, crawling around on the very edge near the lid of the tote box. I noticed alot of condensation on the inside of the lid and around the inside sides of the box. Is this normal? is this too wet? I have been cooking alot lately and putting all kinda goodies in there, like lettuce and apple peelings. Can you over feed? Am I doing something wrong.. Thanks for any advice you can give this newbie...


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Hi Tami,
The worms will often crawl around in the condensation, enjoying the moisture. Just leave the lid ajar, or off and the excess moisture will dry and the worms will stay in the bedding. It really isn't anything to worry about unless it's making the bedding too wet. When you have liquid in your second bin, your bin is far too wet. There shouldn't be ANY liquid in an ideal bin.

You can definitely overfeed! Don't add any more food in your bin till the existing stuff is gone. Too much food can make the bin anerobic and sour and attract mites.

Hope this helps

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