extreme newbie question!!!

lalalulu8(7)July 27, 2004

my question is simply this, whats the difference between violets and african violets?

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

In a word: "african".

In more than one word:

Different family:
- violets are part of Violaceae
- african violets are Saintpaulia
As such, there are key morphological differences.

They are both loosely called violets on account of the five petalled, purple/violet flowers.
African violets are also called Usambara violets, by the way.

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

African violets can't be grown outdoors in most climates...... they're houseplants...... violets despite a few..... can be grown outdoors..... with ease..... unless you have no shade...... they require part shade and do not like drought...... :)

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