violets in pots-- three questions

mehitabel(z6 MO)August 20, 2003

Hi all. I would like to try growing parma and odorata violets in pots since I can no longer garden in the ground.

I have three questions about this

1. Would clay pots be better than plastic (on the assumption that clay keeps roots cooler)? Would sphagnum moss at the bottom of the pot be good or not good for the violets?

2. What would you add to potting soil to make it a better mix for violets? perlite? bark?

3. Would capillary mats provide the right kind/amount of moisture for them (to avoid over/under watering). What do you think of these mats to supply constant moisture to the violets? Can these mats be used with clay pots, or does that keep them too wet?

I would so love to be able to have the violet fragrances this winter and spring.

I would appreciate any answers or experiences you can share about growing violets in pots.

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They would have to have a cold winter rest, and plastic pots would be best.

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