Viola Dark Freckles :-)

etii(France 8)August 18, 2005

Hello folks !

I've just bought viola sororia "Dark Freckles": it's so big :-) I can hardly wait until it makes blooms (such a long waiting).

Does any one have a pic of the flowers ? Does any one know how it was made (Sororia Freckles X ???) ?

Thanks :-)

Take care.


PS: a little present: a pic of sororia rubra, sweet memories, enjoy :-)

Image link:

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rob_peace(VIC Aust)

i'm concerned for your dark freckles, thierry. i hope it's not a melanoma! (we worry about these things in australia!) i read some time ago the different forms of freckles divided up into freckles and speckles. i dont think these are 'recognised' names but are at least a way to distinguish the different forms....

thierry, your rubra looks very 'blue'...???do you think it really is rubra?

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stefanb8(z7 MD)

I hadn't heard of the Dark Freckles name before, but it's true that the freckling/speckling comes in a range of colors. Viola sororia, though pretty, can be a touch weedy... it's probably well and good that you grow yours in a pot, Thierry :-)

Take care!

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etii(France 8)

Hi guys !

This forum is finally ALIVE ;-) That sounds great, isn't it ?
My Rubra is definitively pink Rob: violets are jokers playing with the light like they play with their perfume, U think you've caught the right color on a pic, and it's not ! I'm bad at photos anyway: I was born with 2 left eyes ;-p
Melanoma ? Well...are U sure doctor Rob ;-) such things can happen to violets ?
Stefan: you're thinking about a kind of variation for that kind of Freckles ?
Nathalie should receive it tomorrow, she may have another idea...I think sororia Dark Freckles is the result of an
hybridization 'cause it's a bit different from other sororia: for example pods are white, seeds are black...I don't feel a variation 'cause not only the flowers are different (didn't see them yet but can hardly wait), but also the plant.
I'm waiting for more seeds (like a father waitin' for the baby to come): would you like to try it ?

Take care :-)

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Hello folks!

Yes I received today Etii's gift! Merci! ;-)..Sorry no ideas but I must admit too that it's "something different"! Let's see how it looks like when it blooms! Will keep you all informed!

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Mike Hardman(Cyprus, 100m altitude)

Freckles/Speckles/etc is a mess.
I doubt it will ever get sorted out.
More likely it will get worse, as the gaps in the spectrum of speckledness get filled in by new variants. In that case, the original name 'Freckles' may get broadened in common usage to include all variously-speckled types. Since, as far as I know, the cultivar 'Freckles' was never actually described by its originator (somebody please correct me), nobody can argue that such-and-such a speckled V. sororia is outside the scope of 'Freckles'.
...Except until somebody comes up with a red/white speckled one, perhaps?!

Your nice piccy, etii, does not look like V. sororia 'Rubra', I'm sorry to say. I know cameras/films can have trouble with blues/pinks.
You can see the colour it should be (I can confirm this from my own plants) at (search for 'Petunia Violet' - it will be #531A50)

And if you want another angle on speckles, have a look at - scroll down or search for 'Binsted Speckles'

Here is a link that might be useful:

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rob_peace(VIC Aust)

WOW! now THAT is one very different violet!

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etii(France 8)

I do agree: Binsted Speckles is a crazy one !!!
I wish I could buy it. Only British people can I guess: That's so unfair :'( Why why why why ?;-)


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