viola purple showers - propagation

lisaloo(MA z6)August 7, 2003

Hi, anyone know how to propagate purple showers from existing plants?


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John_Snocken(United Kingdom)

I think that you will find that cuttings are the best way to propagate your variety,assuming that you want clones.I do not know the variety that you name,but I suspect that it will not come true from seed;although you might get something interesting.
At the base of the plant there should be one or two new shoots emerging that have yet to flower,idealy they would be about 2 inches long.A little larger or smaller is not so important.Cut them away cleanly with a sharp knife,and then carefully trim to below a leaf joint.Rooting powder is a matter of choice,as is immersion in fungicide and insecticide.Insert the prepared cuttings into a tray that contains a cutting compost.This would be for instance peat or a substitute which is the moisture retaing element,and sharp grit or perlite to open up the way for air and drainage.This is a 50/50 mix.Make sure the cuttings are firmed in and well watered.Place the tray in a sheletered spot,out of direct sunlight and in a few weeks you should ntice that the tops of the cuttings have a really fresh look about them ,this is the sign that they have rooted.They do not need any heat to root,but you could put them under the staging in a cool greenhouse or in a shaded cold frame.You are really only trying to stop them drying out,and keeping them turgid until roots have formed.Alittle overhead misting form time to time will not come amiss,but bearew of overwatering the compost.It is quite an easy task,and most rewarding when you pot up your rooted plants.Good Growing John

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lisaloo(MA z6)

Thanks so much John for the very detailed description! I'm going to give it a try.

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