What to do in heat of summer?

Jessallyn(z7 NY)August 9, 2005

This spring I had a lovely patch of Johnny Jump Ups that had pretty much seeded themselves from a few plants last year. But now, in the heat of summer, they've all died back. What do the rest of you do to keep their space filled with color through the summer? Did you plan ahead and buy impatiens earlier in the season (back when they were widely available) to fill in when the violets give out? What's a good strategy?

Thank you for the advice,


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etii(France 8)

Let your pansies dying and put violets instead ;-)

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rob_peace(VIC Aust)

you are wicked, thierry! lol!
my suggestion is plan a visit to melbourne. we expect 8 C today, there is a little (rare) snow on the hills nearby and my violets are full bloom. the gardens are full of camellia and magnolia blossom....it's not too bad!!

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etii(France 8)

Hello Rob :-)

I enjoy kidding :-)
Sorry, violets full of blooms ? But, by my great Buddha ;-), it's winter in Australia !! Just how ?? Are your violets as brainless as I am ? Can't believe that lol.
Just hope U're taking thousand of wonderful photos :-) Don't forget to share them with us: moreover, U're such a great pics shooter !

Warm thoughts to your violets :-)

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