Viola odorata Queen charlotte hardiness.........

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)August 17, 2004

Hi can I get this straight on violet hardniess........ viola odorata is hardy to zone 4 ??????? Viola odoarata queen charlotte is hardy to 6 or 8 ?????? Which ?????? How hardy is queen charlotte ??????

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rob_peace(VIC Aust)

MA, i'm aware of but not conversant with with hardiness zones in your land and would make this suggestion re the hardiness of queen charlotte. i think your information may be quoted from unrelated sources. as a violet, queen charlotte is a survivor with no reputation for tenderness. i think you may assume if you can grow other odorata types in your zone, you will have no trouble with queen charlotte. good luck!

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I have reliably had Queen Charlotte come back in my yard for several years now. I am in zone 4, and although we get lots of snow, we also have wind blown and exposed frozen soil much of the time too (we live on a very windy hilltop). You should not have any trouble with them in zones 6/7.


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