Violas in School Project and Stinging Insects

beachlakegrower(5b PA)September 30, 2011


I'm looking at incorporating a flower growing component into an established schoolyard vegetable gardening project. I plan to work with the kids to start different varieties of violas indoors, under grow lights, and then transplant out into the garden, so the students can do some pressing/drying of the blossoms to make greeting cards in art class, as well as possibly incorporating the pressed flowers into other art projects.

One aspect of this project we need to take into account is students with allergies to stinging insects.

I've not worked with violas before. Can anyone tell me the insects I can expect to be attracted to the violas and if this would include any types of stinging insects?

Also, suggestions for particular varieties of violas that are relatively hardy/easy to grow, as well as other flowering annuals or perennials that press/dry well that will blossom before the end of the school year (beginning of June) are welcome. Thank you.

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well, i have alot of violets in my garden and i don't recall ever seeing any sort of stinging insect on them, maybe bees as they are pollinators and tend to hang around, but i don't think that you have much to worry about.

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